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Homoploutia: Top Labor and Capital Incomes in the United States, 1950–2020 (with Branko Milanovic, forthcoming in the Review of Income and Wealth)

Evaluating the Distributive Incidence of Growth using Cross-Sections and Panels (with François Bourguignon, forthcoming in the Review of Income and Wealth)

On the Social Welfare Interpretation of Growth Incidence Curves (with François Bourguignon (2023). Journal of Economic Inequality)

The Long Run Evolution of Absolute Intergenerational Mobility ((2022). American Economic Journal: Applied Economics)

Absolute Intragenerational Mobility in the United States, 1962–2014 ((2022). Journal of Economic Inequality)

On the Distribution of Estates and the Distribution of Wealth: Evidence from the Dead (with Salvatore Morelli, chapter in Measuring and Understanding the Distribution and Intra/Inter-Generational Mobility of Income and Wealth, 2022, eds. Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman, Janet C. Gornick, Barry Johnson, and Arthur Kennickell)


Inequality, Identity, and the Long-Run Evolution of Political Cleavages in Israel 19492019 (chapter in Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities, 2021, eds. Amory Gethin, Clara Martínez-Toledano and Thomas Piketty, Harvard University Press)

Wealth Inequality and the Ergodic Hypothesis: Evidence from the United States (with Ole Peters and Alex Adamou (2021). Journal of Income Distribution)

Microfoundations of Discounting (with Alex Adamou, Dio Mavroyiannis and Ole Peters (2021). Decision Analysis)


A Simplified Mortality Multiplier Method: New Estimates of Wealth Concentration (with Facundo Alvaredo and Salvatore Morelli)

The Impact of Austerity on Mortality and Life Expectancy (with Tora Hovland)

On the Link Between Intergenerational Mobility and Inequality: Are They Truly Distinct?

The Distributional Short-Term Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Wages in the United States

Risk Preferences in Time Lotteries (with Mark Kirstein)


Political Effects of Inequality-Increasing Policy: Evidence from a Welfare and Tax Reform

Long Run Inequality and Three Types of Intergenerational (Im)mobility (with Ravi Kanbur)

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